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On October 6th, Caregah released their highly anticipated album ”OSMIUM”, which was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. They received a perfect 10/10 rating from metal-head.de and a solid 8/10 in Sweden Rock Magazine. They have released 3 singles, with music videos, for the album; ”Terrorized”, ”Smoke of Doom” and ”Forever Merciless”.

Hailing from Southeast Sweden, Caregah is a no-nonsense, full-throttle heavy, sludgy groove metal band. Their music has a captivating quality, keeping you engaged throughout every performance and track.

If your musical tastes align with Down, Pantera, Black Label Society, Testament, and Sepultura, then Caregah is a band that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Established in 2019, Caregah introduced themselves to the world with their debut EP, ”Forsaken EP” featuring a music video for the track ”Tomahawk”. Their music is a fantastic blend of groove, doom, and sludge metal, ultimately delivering a straightforward, headbanging-heavy metal experience.

Their live performances are a whirlwind of high-energy moments that will leave your neck sore from all the headbanging!

– By the Power of the Riff!

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Music releases.

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Recording of full length album

November 2022 – spring 2023

Camp gig – Sweden Rock

June 6

Post productions (mixing, mastering)

june 2023 - juli 2023

Gig - Holje Marknad

June 17

Gig - Hasslöfestivalen

June 14

Gig - Kristianstad Rockfest

July 15

Gig - Östersjöfestivalen

July 19

Album release

Summer 2023

Club 85 England

This Atumm


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